The Entire Universe is in Your Heart

The entire Universe is in your heart. To expand the universe, expand your heart. — Catherine B. Roy

The moment we realize how magnificent each of us is, by being just a unique human, is the moment when The Change begins. The Change is a call for attracting all good into our lives.

We can understand natural as well as “unnatural” processes only within the limits of our own minds. To understand more, we have to expand our minds, and “unnatural” will became familiar and natural. But the truth is, it all comes from our inner power of understanding ourselves, first.

It is all in our emotions, in our hearts, in our souls

When we accept that we are writers of our own lives and it is not vice versa, we will become creators. We will start to expand our souls with sharing the most valuable frequencies: Love and Happiness. And the Universe will expand for us.

It will give us more opportunities and it will open new doors of satisfaction. That is where happiness lives! It lives in us! The sky’s the limit! There doesn’t exist a single thing that we can’t do or we can’t be if we believe and work forward and toward achieving our own goals!

The Universe is not just somewhere out there

The entire Universe is in our hearts. To expand the universe, we have to expand our hearts. I started The Change inside of me and it works! I feel wonderful! If I can do it, everybody can! So come on! Start your own Change!