Techniques for Making Life Easier

Create your life!


LHM Techniques


Welcome! You are not here by accident. Here are some great LHM techniques which will help you to create your life!

Here is a little exercise for you that will change your life!

Take out a notebook.

1. On the left side write your wishes, but in a form of goals.

A well-written goal has to pass the SMART mechanism:






For example, if today is 01-01-2017 and you weigh 75 kg, the goal can be:

Goal: On 05-05-2017 I weigh 65 kg.

Specific means that you wrote exactly what you will achieve. But what is very important: you wrote it in PRESENT tense, like you already have the result.

Measurable means that you can measure your weight and see if you have done it.

Achievable means that you are going to lose 10 kg in four months and that it is possible.

Realistic means that it is real. It is possible.

Timely means that you have set an exact deadline.


After setting the goal, write your plan. How are you going to achieve it? What are the actions required? Every action is a new goal. Make prioritization of actions and do it!

What I would like to add to the SMART technique is that you have to feel that you already achieved it. Close your eyes and visualize, for example, how you look like with 65 kg. And try to imagine situations when people come to you and say to you how you look nice, how you are attractive. Feel that thought. Live it! And you will have it!

Feel that visualization!

Live that feeling!

You will do it!

You can remember this by association:


Imagine that you are a pilot on a plane. And even if you are smart, if you don’t fly smart you are going to hit the ground.

Fly Smart

This is a place where mind takes over from heart. Associations are the best technique for remembering. Not repetition, associations. When you represent to yourself some definition or whatever you have to remember with association pictures, you will remember it easier and you will use it with no effort. So, you may remember plane and phone, then you will immediately know that is FLY SMART.

2 . On the right side of the notebook write “gratitude” sentences like you already have what you wish for and you are grateful for having it.

For example:

I am very grateful and satisfied now, when I weigh 65 kg.

As the time passes, and if you act by your action plan, you will see how goals become reality and disappear from the left side and go to the right side, where you are really grateful for what you have. It is fantastic feeling when you see that. You will feel great! Then set new goals and reach them too!

Every night before you go to bed say, “Thank you” for everything in your life, even if it is just having eyes to see.

From this state of gratitude you will come to the state of having, because you will attract more and more better things. The message that you send the Universe is that you are satisfied, and the Universe will respond with more things to be grateful and satisfied for. If you are not grateful, if you are just complaining, the Universe won’t understand. It will just give you more and more things that you have been thinking about. So, if you are complaining about bills, the Universe gives you more bills, because it doesn’t make a difference in the content and intent of your thoughts. But if you talk how you always find a parking place, then you will always find a parking space. Because Universe hears this and gives it to you.

For example (I tested this in my everyday situations), I say to myself, “Every time I take the bus the closest seated person there get ups and gives me his seat.” And he does. It is joke among my friends now. Pay attention on your sentence construction, however. Use “every time” and present tense. No future tense, because if I say “will,” it is future tense. And I will never reach it. For this is about “what” is to happen. Not when. For the future is always off in the distance!

So the grasp the power is in our thoughts. But not every thought. Just those which make us feel something good or something positive or something productive.

Now can you see the connection between thoughts, feelings and what is happening to you?

You produce thoughts. Important thoughts produce feelings. Feelings create emotions. Emotions indicate to us are we on the right track. And that is why we went to the Alpha state of mind with–very important—the breathing exercise, remember? When you feel, you must act in order to make that feeling good or even better or extraordinary, depending on what you felt.

Thought — Feeling — Emotion — Act

T.F.E.A (F in a cup of TEA)


It is all connected.

The solution is to pay attention on what we think about.

If you think positively, proceed; if you think negatively stop that thought.

The new age philosophy is that we can direct our mind in the new, positive direction.

We must see happiness as a precondition for a nice, rich and successful life. And not a nice, rich and successful life as a precondition for happiness!

If we do what we love, we will do it the best we can. We will give our energy to it and we will become the best. And we will become the necessary experts, and wealth and money will follow our development.

So, happiness depends on what?

As we saw, the key to this whole riddle is to Feel our Thoughts – F.O.T (FOoT without the big O).


Listen to a child in your heart. Discover your desires and follow them. Wishes can be small or they can be huge. The most beautiful is to start with small wishes, define them, set goals and find ways to implement these goals. And call forth good thoughts, feelings, and most gentle spice: the Law of Attraction in order to achieve them. The most powerful way to start is with a small goal, and when you reach it you will feel better! Then achieve a larger goal and you will feel much better! Then achieve your dream and you will feel spectacular! This is where happiness lives. And this is where we all should be!

The Law of Attraction is what some people call The Secret. But the secret is in its own simplicity: To want something, then visualize it as if we already have it, then feel it–deeply feel it—and feel the happiness. Then work toward achieving it! Our job is to pick from a catalog of desire, and get it!

Just remember this. For this is very important and something that The Secret doesn’t give attention to. But Live from Your Heart and Mind is setting it as crucial!

When you pick a wish, that wish must become a goal! That means that it should be FLY SMART, felt as F.O.T and recognized as the set of activities that you must do. T.F.E.A! Nothing comes without effort. We all are doing things toward reaching and achieving goals.

The only difference between successful and happy people and the others is in fact in answer to this question: Whose goals are you accomplishing? Yours or…? Set your goals, make a plan, set actions and then do it for you. Or someone else will hire you to do it for them!

It’s that simple. And happiness will come! Believe me it will! It is already here. Waiting for you to just change your point of view and look inside, not outside. As Aristotle said: “Happiness depends upon ourselves.” These are the smartest words I have ever heard.

You may see the need for a little self-discipline here. Well, yes. It is all in habits. When these new habits become your lifestyle you will not have to be so self-disciplined, and you will enjoy more. But until then, if you want to reach happiness, you have to be self-disciplined, at least just a little bit.

The main difference between successful people and the other ones is in fact that successful people are focused and they act, they are self-disciplined and work in order to gain the result.

Be successful and when you get it, you can let it. Let the happiness be your lifestyle.