How to Solve Problems with Breathing Exercise?

How are you?

Have you ever tried LHM Breathing Exercise?

LHM Breathing Exercise is different. Try it out!

My first question for you is: “How are you?”

And now, maybe you think: “Is this a joke?” No, it is serious and very important. So stay focused with me, please. I do not expect an answer: “I am fine. Thanks for asking. How are you?” So I must ask you: “When was the last time you stopped for five minutes, be alone with yourself and ask: “How are you?” Have you ever? In this fast-paced world, it is very difficult to do, but you will see that it is necessary! I wonder how you really are? And with this question you will need to go inside your own soul to answer. Therefore open the door of the inner You, and enter a world that has always existed in you, and in which are the answers to ALL your questions dwell. Trust yourself! Nobody does it better than you do. No one knows what is best for you. Neither I or your parents or spouse or friends or children or colleagues. Only the one and only you!

Now, I invite you to do a very important, nice breathing exercise.

Choose some pleasant, calm music, music that you like, or do this exercise in complete silence. My recommendation is music from the film “The Secret.” You can find it on YouTube by the name The Secret to You…A Gift from The Secret Scrolls. If you do choose this video, please don’t watch it. We will do that together later on.

Now, just play the music. Close your eyes, and begin to inhale, deeply, through the nose. And then exhale, deeply, through the mouth, until you can hear your heartbeat. I propose that you make every breath last seven seconds. But do what you feel is best for you. Remember to sit comfortably and concentrate. All thoughts should be stopped. Once you reach peace, hear your heartbeat ask yourself inside, “How are you?” Like you are asking another person this question. You will hear your voice in a calm way, and it’s the same voice you hear inside yourself when you are reading to yourself. That voice will give you the most honest possible answer, an answer that does not go out of your head. It does, however, come out of your heart. So it is not controlled it is real!

Please, do it. Do this breathing exercise. It should last as long as the video you are listening to. And then come back to continue this flight with me.

Now how did you feel after the breathing exercise?

If you did it well you should have been in the Alpha state of mind, that complete purifying state that calms down your system. Did you get an answer to your question? Some of us do, and some don’t. At least not always the first time around. But please, if you didn’t, just keep practicing. It is a matter of practice and how we are connected with ourselves. We are human beings, remember, and not just physical, but also of a spiritual existence. And as the most perfect beings on this world, we must stay aware of this. We are perfection and magnificence but we must know what to do with it! This exercise was not even a deep meditation, however. But it is a very important basic breathing exercise that we must repeat until we get an answer to our question.

In each of us lives a child who we were, and it cries out for our love and attention.

When you accept yourself and when you start to love yourself just the way you are, you come to a state of gratitude. From a state of gratitude you project positive thoughts. Positive thoughts create positive energy. And positive energy attracts positive people, situations and events. And this is the path to happiness. It is that easy and obvious. This is why you have to make this inner connection. You can also ask yourself a different question. The one we’ve asked here is just the easiest one. But don’t give up if you don’t get the answer right away.  It is because you are not aware of your inner self yet. And it is afraid of scaring you and at the same time it is scared of you. Why? Because for years you didn’t recognize it and you didn’t pay attention to it. So be calm and persistent and you will see the progress. How is this connected to our goals and happiness? Well, we are going step by step, remember? So everything will become clear. I will give my best to be so, I promise.

But let me explain what occurred during this breathing exercise.

What happens when we breathe so deeply? Oxygen in large quantities enters our body, right? What happens then? Our brain receives a greater amount of oxygen. Our heart receives a larger amount of oxygen, and this leads to oxidation and detoxification of our body. Did you know that in 1926 Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered that cancer cells can only live in the body in which exists a lack of oxygen? In 1931 he won the Nobel Prize for this! So, all we need is more oxygen in our body, right?

So why don’t we learn this in school?

Well, who will buy industrialized food and water if we knew it isn’t good for us? And that it is extremely detrimental to our health and eventually we will need pharmaceutical drugs to survive in our later years if we continue to consume such unhealthy substances? Who would buy pharmaceutical drugs if we are healthy? Right? Google this and find out what is happening out there and how you can get more oxygen in your body. It can be done by natural water, mountain air, deep breathing and you can also make a “base environment” of your body from utilizing baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate: NaHCo3). These are just suggestions for you so you can obtain more information to assist in the healthy maintenance of your body.

And what happens with our brain when more oxygen comes?

The brain says, “Oh finally, now I can work and do so with more capacity! You finally stopped the negative thoughts that you were poisoning me with. You finally came back to yourself, to your heart and to me. Yes! Now I can be creative and function at full capacity. Now I can give you the clear thinking and incisive ideas that will make your life better.”

Your brain is happy now because we just did another very important thing: We gave our body more oxygen and begin to establish a healthier system!

It is this easy.

Try it and you will see. Do that exercise every night before you go to sleep, and see what happens. When you learn this, you can go into meditation deeper and deeper each time and the results will be more and more satisfying. You will feel better, you will be focused, you will reduce stress, you will find peace in yourself and that New You will work better, do better and be better. And if you set goals and go in your direction by doing what you love, nothing can stop you. The sky will be the limit! I don’t promise this to you. You have to promise this to yourself. Because nothing will happen if you don’t do the exercise and use the techniques and formulas that I will show you!

During the breathing exercise, were you able to think about nothing?

If yes, you are one of the few. Usually we have so many things on our mind that it is very hard to stop them. Have you heard of the chakras? Those are the energy centers in the body. There are seven of them.

I will not tell you about all of them now because in this moment, connected to this subject, for us the seventh chakra is important, for it is responsible for the mind. It is the point on the top of our head. Put your palm on it, concentrate and feel the pulse. So, if our thoughts fly about uncontrolled, you just think about this chakra and it will stop them. This, too, needs to be practiced. But it is very useful when you need to be calm. If you are in the stressful meeting and you can’t get out, or in any situation that you need to be focused, do it just for few minutes. Later on you will need just half of a minute, or a few seconds, and you will benefit from it; a lot, believe me.

So, our mind can be controlled?

Well, yes, of course. We are the masters of our mind; it is not vice versa. And those 2% of people who have 90% wealth of the world, mentioned at the beginning here, know this, and also know that 98% of others don’t know it. So they use us in the system of achieving their own goals. But now it’s time to wake up! All of us 98%. Wake up to find our own way and reorder that percentage of wealth. There is enough for all of us from Mother Nature.

So after this experience, are some people really born under a lucky star, or they know something that others don’t?

It is obvious that they do. I’ve studied this since 2008, in the works of many authors, the experience of millions of people around the world and it is my pleasure to share my knowledge with you today, because you gave me your time by reading this book, and your time is the most valuable resource in your life. So, thank you and if you like this stay here, there is so much more.

So, after the breathing exercise, did you feel anything?

One side of the brain is responsible for the information and facts, but what about other side of the brain that stores the knowledge of our emotions? Yes, you read this correctly. Knowledge of emotions! Emotions, huh? Perhaps you suspected this already? Well, we need to know the emotions in us. This is the key! People often have that superficially look about their emotions. Yet, if they are sad, they cry. If they are scared, they step aside and hide. But in fact emotions are our greatest power!

Our emotions are here to stay.

So remember this: they indicate whether you are in compliance with yourself. Are you at peace? If not, then ask yourself why not and what can you do to change this? For our emotions are here for us. On reason so that we can recognize our responsibility for the situation which we are in, and to act in order to change that situation if it’s not good for us. Sadness is not there to be mourned, grieved and spent in depression. Sadness is there for us to grow through a particular situation and to continue to become stronger. How? Each person that appears in our life appears in order to teach us a lesson. Our experience is the best teacher.

People learn the best from their own experiences.

What I am attempting here is to show you that you can feel why you are not okay, but that you have to act in order to change it. And this can be done also by learning from other people’s experiences. But do not waste your time over trying to find something that has already been found. Ask the one who knows, and then find something greater, and become extraordinary! Even negative things in life bring lessons and important changes. And without change there is no progress! Very often when we look back, we are most grateful to those difficult situations because they showed us what is beautiful in life.

Emotions give you a sign asking: are you going in the right direction!

If you feel happy and excited, that’s good path, stay on it. If you’re feeling anxiety, discomfort, sadness, depression, frustration, then it’s time to say STOP and dedicate yourself to five minutes of reflection or meditation so you can find out what is going on. Then the process can begin, and you can start THE CHANGE.

If you are not feeling good, you can’t be better in what you do. If you are not okay then you can’t help anyone else, and you can’t progress.

The Dalai Lama said,

“Everyone wants a happy life without difficulties or suffering. We create many of the problems we face. No one intentionally creates problems, but we tend to be slaves to powerful emotions like anger, hatred and attachment that are based on misconceived projections about people and things. We need to find ways of reducing these emotions by eliminating the ignorance that underlies them and applying opposite forces. “

And what is the opposite force? Yes, you are right, those are positive emotions that create positive energy and attract positive life events, people, and situations in our life, as I already mentioned.

The magic wand

One good technique to get to the positive state of mind is the technique that Brian Tracy explained, and it is called “The magic wand.” Imagine that you hold a magic wand that will turn your situation into the perfect one. Wave it and it is perfect. And you stop to see how everything looks. Wave it again and now imagine what it would look like if the situation is perfect. Visualize it with as much details as you can. Immediately alter the state. That’s it.

And what happens when you get to the inner You, when you identify emotions and make contact with yourself? Then you ask yourself the key question “What is my goal?” The answer is inside you. The same voice that gave you the answer to “How are you?” will give you answer to the most important question of all! And then action steps onto the stage!