How To Have A Drama Free Life?

Goodbye drama, you will not be missed. —  Janice Wayne

I have been exercising the release of the drama and how to have a drama free life for the last year. While watching a program regarding this subject I suddenly felt validated on what I have achieved so far and felt the need to write of what I had learned and experienced.

Could it be a drug of choice?

I have been working with a family member who thrives on drama, that literally has a feeding frenzy on drama and negativity on a daily basis.

I spoke with my husband many times on how we could help her. I have thought for a long time now could this be her drug of choice? She has learned to fuel herself up with negativity in her thoughts and actions and with this her wheels would start turning, burning and away she goes and usually it gets out of control. To make matters worse when things are looking good for her and are going her way she seems to sabotage it and starts to refuel once again with all her negativity and drama.


In the past I would try to help by explaining to her please try to look at things in a different perspective or to learn how to think in a positive manner to no prevail. I was thinking that I was giving her good advice with life long tools and possibly extinguishing the fire of her negativity and drama. Maybe to put her mind and soul into a happier healthier place, all the while she would be ranting and raving and and once again this would fuel the fire in her. Her drama seemed to feed her soul and to make her feel alive an all the while hurting the ones around her. I had no control on this situation nor could I if we continued this viscous cycle.

No if’s and’s or buts, be free of drama

I finally decided that by engaging in her drama I was a part of it as well and adding to it. So I took action for the last few months when the drama entered my home I explained that this will and can no longer happen in my home. No if’s and’s or buts this will no longer continue and it wasn’t up for debate, this is just how it was going to be and stay. Yes she has stormed out the door slamming it a few times but those times are getting fewer and fewer. I feel as though she is learning her behavior is no longer excepted in this house. I also feel as though we’re getting back to a healthier drama free relationship with her. If she wants to continue her life with and in drama that is now going to be her choice. My choice is a home with boundaries, limits and to be free of drama. So I say goodbye drama you will not be missed.