How Online Education Could be the Key to a Successful Career?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. — Benjamin Franklin

Without even realizing it, too many people get stuck in a dead-end job or a career path that wasn’t necessarily their first choice. As discussed previously here on the LHM Media, these are people who usually end up feeling unsatisfied. If this situation resonates with you, remember that it is never too late to take action and steer your career into a direction that inspires your passion. One way that has worked for many, including myself, is to continue education through online learning. Here’s how it can also help you find success and happiness at work.

Better Work Benefits

In my own experience as an adult learner, the majority of online students are working professionals looking to advance their career by earning another degree.

Our reasons were more or less synonymous: to enjoy tangible work benefits. A study published by The Conversation revealed that professionals with double degrees earn more than those who only took one major in college. For instance, liberal arts graduates who take up a STEM degree can increase their earnings by 9.5%, while adding a business degree can increase earnings by 7.9%.

Skill Enhancement

Of course, intangible rewards are invaluable, too. The beauty of online programs is that they can be very specific. For instance, I once took a course in storytelling for business purposes, which helped me better craft compelling content for my blog. You can tailor a program around your specific needs and apply the concepts you learn from classes — all the while adding to your growing skillset.

Networking Opportunities

Even though you rarely meet up with classmates or instructors in person, online education still provides an effective method for expanding your network. Networking is an important tool for employment and career development. The Balance Careers relayed data stating that 70% of people were hired because of a connection they had with a company, while the majority mentioned the importance of online interactions in networking. Online education helps connect you with likeminded people with similar interests in business or whatever field you’re in, no matter your location. Connections like this can help you land more clients or even just an interview with your dream company, which can already go a long way.

Study While Working

Two of the main advantages of online learning are convenience and flexibility. In an article by Maryville University on ‘How to Determine the Best Online Master Degrees’, it was mentioned that students are no longer bound by their geographical location. It means that you no longer have to be limited to the nearest school, and that you can pursue virtually any program that you desire. It is also possible to continue your studies without quitting your current job because online degrees eliminate the need for face-to-face sessions. You can also plan your classes around your current work schedule in order to successfully divide your time between commitments.

Higher Acceptance of Online Degrees Today

The stigma surrounding online degrees is waning. As long as the program is accredited and the institution is respected, US News stated that employers are now more accepting of online degrees. Some employers even commend professionals who earn online degrees because it shows that they can manage their time well and work unsupervised. Just be honest about your educational background and prove to your employers and co-workers that you’re just as qualified as anyone to work in your chosen field.

If you reach a point in your professional life where you don’t see the possibility to progress anymore, online education can help open up more opportunities.