5 Truths to Initiate Superhero Sight

If we are ever to help and heal the world we must first be able to open our eyes with Love. — Jennifer Maki

“Mommy, I don’t like being a little kid.” Nathaniel, our typically Tigger-esque son of 7 says to me, as he pulls on his neon yellow Nikes, readying for a day of adventure.

I draw a breath in, surprised and a little concerned, but open, knowing these sharings can go just about anywhere.

“Why love?” I restrain my desire to leap in with a million reasons why childhood is a deliriously wonderful time of life.

“Because Momma, when you’re a kid, people don’t see you.”


Now here’s a boy who is LifeSchooled (educated with us) and whose opinions and ideas are regarded and most often revered. So where is he feeling “unseen”?

“It’s just when I’m out, you know, ‘out there’ (he nods to the door), people look right over me or past me and it’s like I’m not really there, like I’m invisible.”

I wondered if it was just with little ones, or if we as adults in general have lost our conscious vision for each other.

So we agreed to conduct a little experiment over the course of a week and take note of who sees us. The results were surprising, at least to me.

I spend a good deal of my life in the Bliss-Bubble I have constructed over time; what serves me enters in, what doesn’t, bounces right off and is released with little regard. And so, I was determined to view it all with the eyes of my childhood, a little reserved and profoundly observant to the nuances of adult communication, or lack thereof.

People walked right past Nathaniel without a word or a glance. But, perhaps because I wasn’t my typical “Hellllloooo”-ish self, they ignored me as well. Time and time and time again.

This sparked a fabulous conversation with Nathaniel, a remembrance within myself and a Mission We for The Phone Booth Project.

We pondered these:

5 Truths to Initiate Superhero Sight

    1. Regardless of Response, Remain True to the Integrity of You.If you are a bright spark, you must hold fast to your shine regardless of who chooses to bask in its rays. We cannot allow others’ clouds to dim our joy, our Divine essence, or the world will simply be plagued with pleasers and devoid of those unique and courageous heroes who bust outta the box of conformity and Xtraordinaryily Shift this life for WoW (Wild, Opulent, Wellbeing)!
    2. Don’t Wilt. Blossom.We never know why it is that someone has chosen to close themselves in from the world around them, be it fear, sadness or absentmindedness. That is not our business. Our delight and opportunity is to expand our hearts outward to them because, well, in keeping with our Gramma’s wise belief “it is the right thing to do” and as feisty, wise Katherine Hepburn offered, “Morality is self-evident”.
    3. “Go Out and Make the World A Better Place”.Every morning as I left for school (right from Kindergarten), my Mommakins would give me a kiss and say this to me, “Now Jenni, go out and make this world a better place”, as her Papa had said to her. We have a blessed opportunity to share our love and perhaps inspire love to bloom in our wake. So Give ‘er!
    4. Sparkle Thoughts.Even when we cannot see someone in person or they are just out of our reach, across the room, down the street, the other side of the world, we know enough about quantum physics by now to get that our energy has power. And so, Mission We – Sparkle Thoughts, came into play. The boys and I drive or walk around town or cross-country doling out Sparkle Thoughts to any and all who seem to need. In the beginning, the boys wondered why folks wouldn’t smile right away (if they were in visual proximity), but my belief and answer to that is, “Ohhhh darlin’, you send the Sparkle Thought knowing that they will receive the tingle of that love in just the right moment, when they need it most. Then they will wonder where the lovely feeling of peace or understanding came from, but it will have done its job – to remind them that they are loved and safe and all will be well.”
    5. Our Calling as Modern Day Heroes.Above all else, as the Xtraordinary Game-Changers of our time (YES, that’s you and I) we must begin our training at the very beginning before we can master any true and daring feats. The first XG-er Trait we must cultivate (as I talk about in more detail in The Mad Hero’s Manifesto), is this…
      We Must BE a Vigilant Observer. If we are ever to help and heal the world we must first be able to SEE – ourselves, those around us, the community, our global family – so that we know where we are needed and to what degree. When we open our eyes with love, then and only then, are we ready to Suit Up and Soar. And together, oh together, as Xtraordinary Game-Changers intent on igniting and fueling heroism in the world, together, not even the sky’s the limit!

Be a Vigilant Observer.

See the children who pass beneath your line of sight, the homeless man who needs a warm coffee and a conversation to take the chill off life’s dealings, the checkout gal who will beam with a compliment, your spouse who would love a date night, and you, that miracle staring back at you from the mirror, who would love to know “I See You!”Wishing you a week of WoW and Wonder!

In celebration of the cape and the one inside it,