Sense Your Feelings

Sense your feelings and listen to them. Do whatever it takes to feel good.

– Catherine B. Roy

Sense Your Feelings

They come from the heart. Where your inspiration and intuition talk. Each day our heart speaks to us, though the noise of the world, everyday stress, and responsibilities can hinder the voice.

Our physical health is directly connected to how emotional body is functioning

Taking time each day to check in on how we are feeling, sitting with the emotion of our heart and feeling it speak will enhance our wellbeing. We can take steps to care for ourselves. We as caretakers need to take time for ourselves becoming aware that we cannot serve others from an empty vessel. Like newspapers piling up in the corner of the room so will our feelings if we don’t pay attention to them. When emotions are not released they hinder our growth, performance and sense of wellbeing. People around us can become sponges to our emotions. Our physical health is directly connected to how emotional body is functioning. We may have been conditioned that others come first however we need to manage ourselves in an optimistic way. By doing this we are filling our cup so we may pour out what is needed in our day.

We are all on the journey together

Reach out and allow. Open your heart to receiving and feeling good. Supporting each other on the journey to wholeness will not only heal ourselves it uplifts our world. We are all connected through the heart.

Do whatever it takes to feel good

You are important, worthy and supported. Reach in, feel and explore the paradise of the heart. Joy will grow. As this does your awareness of the beauty inside of you will as well. So it is okay to say no, shut the phone off, enjoy a cup of your favorite drink, sit by the water, do nothing, but do whatever it is to feel good. Just be present and in the heart where the feelings call to be heard.

Dawn Stevens