Energy Goes Where Your Focus Goes

Energy Goes Where Your Focus Goes — Catherine B. Roy

The words that we speak can create the world around us. Words that we don’t say but reserve within our thoughts can create us. We’re not even aware how important it is to carefully choose the words that we speak to other people. But words are often the only way to express our happiness, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness or any other feeling we have. This is especially so if it is a long-distance relationship. Thus words are formed from the human need to communicate, to convey our thoughts and to express our feelings.

Often, though, we don’t think about what we think about.

No matter how absurd this may sound, it is important sometimes to stop, interrupt the flow of thoughts and wonder what you are thinking about. Does it matter? Is it nice? Yes, it’s nice! Great, then continue to think about that nice thing! Nice thoughts help create a beautiful soul! Is it ugly? Then stop! Don’t think more about that ugly thing. Why waste or lose your time over it? Do you want these bad thoughts to attract negative things into your life, to attract sadness? Of course you don’t. Why would you want something like that?

Can those ugly thoughts become nice? Yes! You can control your thoughts and be the conductor of this orchestra! You simply have to focus on your desires, not on the barriers to those desires. For focus can allow you to control the flow and content of your thoughts and prevent them from wandering off in an uncontrolled direction!

Focus on the beautiful characteristics of people who are around you

Stop denigrating or complaining about their characteristics that don’t suit you. Because this way you will only get what you talked about and you will be more and more unsatisfied and in unbalance with your wishes because energy goes where your focus goes.

Focus on good, on excellence in yourself, on gratitude for what you have, on smile and kindness. Focus on love.