Be Kind Whenever Possible

Peace begins with a smile. — Mother Theresa

Kindness is the catalyst for changing an individuals thought process to a higher vibration.  It brings smiles to the saddened heart, assistance to those in need, and hope for those in desolation.  Kindheartedness can add joy to the moment.

More than ever there is a need for kindness

Social media fosters negative imagery with all the displays of acts of violence and disharmony in our communities.  Our children wake up to easy access to this information secondary to social media. Our societies youth are looking towards the adults to demonstrate how to relate in the world.  More than ever there is a need for a lifestyle that displays a disposition of kindness and compassion.  Infusing our homes, communities, and the extending world with an intention to relate to one another, from the heart center, can spread light on to others.

Each act of kindness sends seeds into the consciousness of individuals for a shift in behavior

We are in control of our thoughts and our actions. The intention to make choices to extend acts of kindness in our daily interaction is always possible. Leading with an open heart  and utilizing care in our words and our deeds creates harmony among others. Positive behavior is role modeling for our youth. The shift to a conscious world is one step at a time.

Let us all share a smile and a helping hand to others.

Blessings Dawn Stevens