Dare to Be Authentic

Like the lotus growing in the mud, we as spiritual beings having a human experience, have encountered the depths of life’s matter. Humanity is counting on our voice and our authenticity. The earth plane continues to shift from fear to love.…

An Atittude of Gratitude

The spiritual journey has a dynamic way of shedding light on everything within us that doesn’t resonate. It is a conscious journey on the path of ascension. Each individual has the basket full of stories of how we became molded to who we…

Sense Your Feelings

„Sense Your Feelings“. They come from the heart. Where your inspiration and intuition talk. Each day our heart speaks to us, though the noise of the world, everyday stress, and responsibilities can hinder the voice.

What is Happiness?

Happiness, contrary to what we may have been conditioned to believe as children, is our birthright. We may have been molded to believe that happiness involves other people around us. Our young thinking minds say if I behave in a certain way…

Forgiveness is Another Chance

The world continues have to be on a journey of forgiveness. Each world war is a reflection of the inner turmoil. In our personal lives our hearts hold on to memories, grief, loss, and traumas. This keeps us separated from one another. We…

Be Kind Whenever Possible

Kindness is the catalyst for changing an individuals thought process to a higher vibration. It brings smiles to the saddened heart, assistance to those in need, and hope for those in desolation. Kindheartedness can add joy to the moment.

Love as Our Guiding Force

There is a force happening across the world as more and more individuals awaken and discover their true being. The intent is to create a world where peace and harmony prevail over violence, poverty and destruction