Action Required What Will It Take

Please, increase the level of Love. Decrease the level of frustration. That will bring the peace in your soul and among all of us. – Catherine B. Roy

Dear Human,

What will it take to give peace a chance? Honestly? Do we have it in us? I believe we do. But I think we’ve been going about it all wrong.

We haven’t given peace a chance yet because most of us don’t hold personal peace

Peace manifests to the outer world when our inner world is experiencing it. If we are to know peace as a humanity, we must know peace personally.

What is so threatening to us that we can’t just love and embrace one another?

Difference of thought? Difference in religion? Difference in wealth or political affiliation? There has always been difference hasn’t there my beloveds? And simultaneously there has always been unrest.

But do you realize that the unrest, the wars, and the killings – are not because of differences? They exist because WE refuse to accept that differences are okay.

Let us rethink our reality.

Let us begin to change our mindset to “differences are okay“. Let us accept that there are multiple “right” ways to live as a human. Let us not be threatened but rather trust the inner moral compass of the authentic spirit of each human being. It is there. It may be buried very deep, but love and acceptance are amazing shovels, able to dig up the deepest of treasurers.

If we want to see change, we have to give peace a chance.

And peace will never happen if we don’t become personally more accepting of the many, many differences that exist in our singular humanity.

Heal YOUR inner-self. Accept the beautiful diversity of the human race. Deep down inside we are all searching for love, security and safety. All of us. Everywhere.