Catherine B. Roy

Can you imagine a sad and unhappy girl who suffered a lot in her childhood? Who as a teenager was very lonely, often humiliated, rejected and feeling hurt, and who thought she had no positive prospects for her life?

Now can you imagine a lovable, cheerful grown-up woman who’s become happily married, dedicated mom, satisfied with every aspect of her life? If you can, then imagine also a woman who proved that she could beat the odds including a fatal illness like Coxsackie Virus, sterility and even a civil war in Ex Yugoslavia.

Imagination lets you now see a person who has become a highly educated and successful professional woman. She was, in fact, awarded as one of the Top 30 Under 30 Young Leaders in the world, and subsequently became a leader who started creating other leaders. In this capacity, she continues to radiate light as a leader and give unfaltering energy and support to others while guiding them along the path to love, happiness and fulfillment. Through experience and insight she learned how to lead and positively motivate people through love and inspiration. She learned that the word “impossible” was just that: a word. If she could change her painful past into a life of joy and productivity and success, it’s possible for every other person to accomplish the same!

So if you can imagine all this, then it’s time you meet Catherine B. Roy! She is the person who has found the path from sadness, pain and rejection to one of happiness and success. The path and its significant components and values is the one that led her to become a healthy, happy, lovable and successful woman…and so much more!
From all this, Catherine wrote her seminal bestselling book Live from Your Heart and Mind and created the LHM community, LHM Media and LHM Academia. And this she did because she wants to share all she learned and knows with you! Her life experiences is one significant qualification to do this.

Catherine’s “Live from Your Heart and Mind” book reached best selling status on it’s release day on KOBO platfrom and on Amazon Kindle in just 3 days “Live from Your Heart and Mind” was No1 in 6 Hot New Releases and 2 Self-Improvement categories. And her viral post “Love Yourself First” reached over 1.2M people in just 7 hours.

Catherine B. Roy is a Bestselling Author, CEO and Founder, Business Coach, Heart and Mind Coach, Human Potential Thought Leader, MENSA member and Award Winning Artist and Scientist whose stimulating, upbeat and inspirational writings have helped countless people in the world. Catherine's MENSA test results showed that her IQ is over 156. These tests can’t precisely measure IQ over 156. This means that Catherine hit the highest level and belongs among less than 1% of human population.

Catherine is also an experienced linguistics researcher with published scientific works in the fields of pragmatism, communication and psycho-linguistics. She is also certified in the fields of positive psychology, assertive behavior, emotional behavior, emotional intelligence (EQ) and intelligence (IQ). As well as Master of Economics and IT System Architect, Java Web Developer for the last 12 years.

As the author and founder of the “Live from Your Heart and Mind”, Catherine is the guiding force behind the “LHM” system for increasing a person’s emotional and intellectual capacity, and inspiring them to positive change and accomplishment.

What Catherine has created is a unique, completely new and verified LHM formulas and LHM algorithms for every main category of life! Using them you will train your EQ and make your life much more positive, easier and full. Plus, you will “expand your heart.” In LHM she has also created IQ training questions and associative memory exercises. And if you use these as needed, you will develop and increase your brain capacity—thus also expand your mind along with your heart!

Since commencing this program, Catherine has helped thousands of people worldwide in the vital areas of happiness, love, success and balance. And how to achieve these states of existence.

So, welcome to LHM! There has never been a better time and greater opportunity for all of us than right now to become a creative force in this world, and achieve true success and happiness in our lives. Let’s enrich our lives and make this world a better place together. Let us now begin!




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