20 Amazing Signs That You’re a Lightworker

Millions of us are Awakening all over the globe. As lightworkers we shine our light so those in the darkness can see. — Judy Eisner

A Lightworker is a person who consciously recognizes that they are a piece of God. They have a strong urge to help themselves and humanity. They do this intuitively and are not associated with any doctrine. Their very presence on Earth raises the vibration of humanity. As consciousness evolves and we ascend many lightworkers that were holding the light are now becoming the light.

You know you are a Lightworker when…

  1. You are naturally filled with compassion for others, even those that don’t appear deserving. It is easy for you to put yourself in others shoes. You understand why people do the things they do.
  2. You possess Empathic abilities. This means when you are close to another person you can sense their energy and how they are feeling. Sometimes you take these emotions on as your own.
  3. You realize when you are judging others that you are not in alignment with Love.
  4. You have a connection to the other side of the veil. You may have psychic or mediumship abilities.
  5. You are a Peace Maker. You have a strong desire for people to get along.
  6. You forgive easily. It is difficult for you to hold a grudge.
  7. You always see the good in difficult situations and point it out to others. Compassion is a light source for the planet.
  8. You understand this life is just one of many you have had here on earth. Each time you reincarnate you have a new body but the same soul and higher-self.
  9. You don’t see the value in being competitive. Winning isn’t important to you. You realize it is an aspect of the EGO.
  10. You are a healer.or you are drawn to healing. You feel the urge to help another when they are hurt.
  11. You are drawn to reading anything esoteric or new age. You actually can’t get enough of it. It just resonates with you and as you read it you have lots of “aha” moments.
  12. “You are aware that your thoughts, intentions and actions affect Universal Consciousness. The very vibration of the planet is affected by your state. You know that negative or positive thoughts, intentions and actions leave an energetic imprint and magnetize to other like energies. These energies will show up as either a negative or positive event.
  13. You know you are here for a greater purpose but sometimes feel you long to be somewhere else – home.
  14. You acknowledge the synchronicities in your life. You notice and look for energies aligned with a purpose to guide you.
  15. You feel The God inside of you. You intuitively sense you are a spark of the divine part of the ONE. This knowing grows the more you connect with your higher self.
  16. You experience “overload” when you are in crowds, around negative people or loud noises. Negative or many different energies make you want to leave early and go home where you are comfortable.
  17. You have no interest in drama.
  18. You refuse to gossip.
  19. You know in the end everything will be okay. The ultimate outcome is guaranteed.
  20. You are certain that LOVE is the always the answer.